Lifestyle April 1, 2022

Easter Crafts

Easter is the best holiday for making crafts. There are so many colors, animals, and plants you get to celebrate! Maybe you are preparing for an Easter egg hunt or want to stuff your baskets with cute homemade knickknacks, or just go with the classic egg decorating. Either way, there are many ways you can make Easter more exciting with crafts. Here are 5 fun craft ideas to try this, Easter.


  1. Bunny Treat Jars


Bunny Treat jars are essentially painting mason jars with a cute bow or skirt around the top, and then stuff treats in them. All you need is an old jar with a cap, cloth, paint, marker, and treats! You can dress it up however you would like, just make sure you add treat.


  1. Easter Egg Tree


Christmas doesn’t have to be the only holiday with a tree. You can make a cute mini-Easter egg tree to add cute decor to your home. Go to your local store and by Styrofoam in the shape of a cone and eggs. Depending on how big you want your tree will determine how many eggs you need. You will also need paint and toothpicks. Paint your eggs and cone any color you desire, stick the toothpick into an egg and stick it into the cone. Once you have covered the cone with eggs, you have an Easter egg tree!


  1. Peep’s Houses


This is not your average gingerbread house; this one is for the Peeps. Simply take graham crackers, frosting, and candy as you would for a gingerbread house, and put them together. After it is dried, you can take some gummy worms or sprinkles, lay them in the bottom of the house to create a nest and set a Peep inside. You could even add some chocolate eggs!


  1. Easter Bunny Paper Plate


This craft is great for kids, it’s cute, fun, and simple. All you need a paper plate, chenille stems (pipe cleaners), cotton balls, googly eyes and a marker. With these supplies, you and your kids can make the cutest bunny ever!


  1. Paper Plate Easter Baskets


These paper plate Easter baskets are perfect for little easter gifts. You can’t give all your friends a big extravagant basketful of gifts and fancy chocolates. If you paint a paper plate, make four cuts, fold the paper plate where you made the cuts, then staple. When you’re done, pin some pipe cleaner onto the paper to make the handle. Fill your mini baskets with goody’s and give to friends!