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Selling A Home With CENTURY 21 Affiliated

Just as buying a home can be an overwhelming process, so can selling a house. Before you decide to sell your home, get in touch with a real estate professional from CENTURY 21 Affiliated. Selling your home isn’t as simple as listing, signing the paperwork, and moving out. In fact, there are over 180 steps to completing a real estate transaction, including pre-listing tasks, marketing the listing, handling offers and contracts, tracking loans, and much more.

Step One:

Finding The Perfect Realtor

When you first meet with your realtor, they will take the time to truly understand your situation and the outcome you are hoping for when selling your property. CENTURY 21 Affiliated realtors are dedicated to helping you sell your house in every aspect.

Step Two:

The Sale

You’ve reached that sweet moment when the perfect offer comes through and you are willing to accept it. But now what? Don’t worry — your CENTURY 21 Affiliated realtor is here for you. Usually, an offer isn’t accepted straight away and there will be some negotiating. Your realtor will handle going back and forth on the offered price as well as other conditions, including seller financing and a home inspection.

Step Three:

Closing and Beyond

Once all negotiations have been settled and both sides are ready to sign on the dotted lines, you’ve finally arrived at closing. Your realtor will prepare all the documents, ensure everything is in final order, and make it so simple that all you have to do is show up and sign your name. That’s it — your house is sold! However, our real estate work doesn’t end here. You’ve sold your home but you still need to move out and head to your next house. We have helpful tips and tricks to make packing and moving that much easier and, if you need help finding another property, we’re here for that, too.

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