Good Customer Service Is No Longer Good Enough

Mastering the delivery of the Brilliant Basics is the foundation for delivering extraordinary in the changing real estate industry. Learn more about the CENTURY 21 Affiliated standard of customer service.

Brilliant Basics

What are the “Brilliant Basics”?

Standards of client service that every CENTURY 21 Affiliated agent delivers to provide an extraordinary experience for all clients.The Brilliant Basics are intended to change the game in the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Brilliant Basics

#1: I’m Transparent, I Build Trust

I always speak the truth, no matter the cost. Being a “client’s trusted advisor” is cliché in our industry, but not with me. I provide complete transparency and always follow through on my word. Honesty, trust, and integrity build my business and create life-long clients.

#2: I Consciously Communicate

I am always accessible, reply quickly, and communicate often. I follow the client’s communication preference (i.e. return calls with calls). I keep my communications clear, concise, and effective. I am proactive and stay in touch along every point in their journey, from initial interest to closing and beyond.

#3: I Change The Game With My Knowledge

I am the master of housing trends, pricing patterns, regulations, processes and inventory. I own the details. I am known for my real estate know-how and am the first to know potential or competing listings. I am the main source for local knowledge and am active in the community to create relationships and referrals.

#4: I Actively Listen…I Really Do!

I ask questions, actively listen, then interpret client needs. To create a memorable experience, I understand my client’s specific needs, identify their preferred communication style and then tailor the process to deliver the extraordinary.

Brilliant Basics #5:

I Am The Master Of Their Journey

I know that great real estate agents are customer-centric and expert guides through the real estate journey. I help clients understand the process, interpret complex information, anticipate and solve problems and ultimately create a seamless and frictionless experience. I remember that the client is in charge of the final decision, but I am in charge of the journey.

Brilliant Basics #6:

I Give 121% Every Time

I have a client centric commitment to always delivering excellence – even in the most difficult situations – and making “defy mediocrity” my norm. I go the extra mile and give 121% as a thought leader and passionate go-getter to surpass my client’s expectations.

#7: I’m A Relentless Learner

In our ever-evolving industry and world, I know there is always more to learn. Whether from conferences, classes, mentors, books, podcasts, or adopting new technology, I find ways to educate myself and stay ahead of the curve. I can’t afford to become complacent.

#8: I’m A Negotiator

I acquire and constantly sharpen superior negotiation and valuation skills. I work relentlessly for my client’s objectives and understand what the other side wants to get the best terms for my client. I strive to negotiate in unexpected ways because a letter from the family or a bit of humor can go a long way in securing the best terms. I shadow experienced mentors to learn best practices.

#9: I Create A Holistic Life

The real estate journey can be stressful for all involved. I balance work and family and don’t forget “me time”. I have fun with the day-to-day and maintain a positive attitude toward every person. I don’t dwell on the negative or take failures personally. My happiness and positivity shines through making it memorable and enjoyable for both me and my clients.

#10: I’m a Memory Maker

I recognize the moments that matter to my client, which are different for everyone. I create special moments along the way to reinforce my personal connection and show that we’re in this together. From celebrating an important milestone like a passed inspection to sending a little something on each closing anniversary, it’s those thoughtful touches that keep me top-of-mind, especially when it comes to referrals. I recognize their moments that matter.